3-D Cone Beam Imagery

A 3-D image of your mouth allows us to get an in-depth picture of your teeth and bone structure. Dr. Newell uses these images to determine whether you have enough healthy bone structure to support a dental implant and exactly where he should place dental implants during your surgery to ensure success. 3-D imaging allows Dr. Newell to surgically place your implants with accuracy and precision.

Digital Scanner

Digital “impressions” are more comfortable for patients, faster for the dental team, and are able to produce highly accurate images that contribute to restorations that seat easily and quickly. Dr. Newell uses the Digital Scanner to scan a patients dentition and send the file immediately to ClearCorrect to begin manufacture of the invisible braces.

3D Printer

The Cone Beam 3D scan in combination with the oral scanner allows Dr. Newell to create a scan that will facilitate the 3D printer to fabricate a surgical guide that is used when placing implants.