Dental Implants

Daily life with a missing tooth can be challenging.

You may have difficulty chewing and eating your food, and this impacts your nutrition and health. You may also feel embarrassed or self-conscious about talking or smiling in front of others, which affects your confidence and your relationships. A missing tooth can also change the appearance of your face, making you look much older than you are.

Did you know that missing teeth also impact your oral health?

Missing Teeth and Oral Health

Besides the struggles you may have with your confidence, appearance, and nutrition, your oral health also suffers when your tooth is missing.

This is because without a root, your bone has nothing to support, and it will begin to deteriorate. Without a tooth, your remaining healthy teeth will begin to shift into the open space, causing misalignment and a higher risk of gum disease and fractures.

The good news is that dental implants can help!

What Is a Dental Implant?

Using a titanium post and a porcelain crown, a dental implant restores both your tooth and your root, protecting the integrity of your oral health. The biocompatible post is surgically placed into your bone where it’s allowed to heal, integrate, and create a stable foundation for your new tooth.

After the appropriate healing time, your new crown attaches to your implant and will function just like your natural tooth. You’ll be able to eat, chew, and brush your tooth just as you were used to doing.

Implants are a reliable treatment, offering a 95% success rate. With excellent home care and regular dental checkups, your implant can potentially last for decades, making it a very cost-effective investment in your smile.


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